A professional property management group that you can rely on!

Welcome to Island Property Management

Many Panama property owners are not close by to protect their investment, but we are!

Our goal is to provide assurance to property owners that their investment is being maintained and managed by an honest, ethical, & organized group.

Before we moved to Bocas and started Island Property Management, we too were absentee owners. Through this experience we found out how frustrating it can be to try and manage an investment from abroad.

We quickly learned the importance of having a management group that understands how to provide a strong line of communications, reliable services, and an honest work ethic.

Under these ideals, we began Island Property Management.

  • “This experience has had a significant impact on my quality of life and more importantly my peace of mind. Not only do they ensure that my property and renters are taken care of, but they also maintain great lines of communication to let me know about potential problems as well as when there is something especially positive to share.”

    Andrew, Shepard Island
  • “Since purchasing properties here in Bocas del Toro in 2010 I have had the pleasure of working together with Tyson Merill for all my property management and development needs. His services have been especially critical when I have been out of country and I have come to rely and trust in his company to always be protecting my interests. Among the many critical tasks he has taken on have been, securing building permits, finding and managing local vendors for construction and handling my entire development finances including payments to local vendors and providing monthly accounting reports.

    In short his work has been mission critical to the project and I can’t imagine how we would have managed the project without him.”

    Eric, Isla Carenero